90% of my time is spent communicating
At meetings, I express my point of views when required
Emails are kept short and to the point
I prefer personal interaction over digital for critical issues
It's important my team understands the WHY of what we do
I trust my team to be capable at their jobs
My jobs exists to serve them and my management
I compliment their successes and guide them through challenges
I'm trusted to create formal documents like SOPs
I have an eye for detail and consistency on paper
Instructions are clear and concise
You won't find ambiguity on documents I create
Project Management
Communication is key
Stakeholder management is important
Setting expectations and monitoring progress and reporting
Vendors can be a weak link - I keep a close eye on them
I ask the right questions
My coachee has the knowledge, I bring it to the surface
I encourage my team to discover their own answers to their challenges
Keep it simple and to the point
Less words more pictures - the focus should be on the person presenting, not the slide show
Use standard templates
Be a subject matter expert on whatever your presenting
Customer Service
I put myself in the customer's shoes
Empathize with their needs
Set expectations on what is possible and was is not
Never over promise
Keep them informed as much as possible
I use my experience with databases to extract reports
Knowledgable about filtering, AND/OR conditions to get to the data I need
I'm a big fan of Pareto - I seek the 20% of issues that cause 80% of problems
Reports are only worth something if there is tangible action from their results
Self Motivated
I don't wait for my boss to assign something to me. I see a need and I try to fill it, seeking the bosses approval where necessary
If an idea gets shot down, if I disagree with a colleague, I don't let it get me down. As a leader it's my job to stay positive.
Reliable & Trustworthy
A task assigned to me has only one possible outcome - it gets done
Challenges or roadblocks that require my manager's intervention are brought to the table immediately
I don't passively wait for a response from others. If they take longer than required, I follow up persistently till an answer or action is recieved
Risk Analysis
I look at a situation holistically
I anticipate problems on any change
I consider and engage all stakeholders impacted
I voice concerns and ensure an acceptance or mitigation
Time Management
My day begins by scheduling my calendar
I prioritize intensive work at the start of the day
I attend meetings only where I add value
Email management is short and to the point